Is it a Kinky Thing?

Sam Winchester

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Anonymous asked: Shit. We just ran into a Cipactli. Do you know if there are any hunters along the Mississippi? Say, around New Concord, MI? It shouldn't be too hard to pin point with the way it's been tearing up the town this past couple days. ... And here I was hoping it was just a ghoul...

You thought an Aztec god, in the shape of a massive crocodile with multiple hungry mouths, was just a ghoul?

I’ll see if anyone is available to help you out. Try to keep from losing any limbs to that guy.

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zell-dincht asked: Looks like you just got a hell of a lot more patriotic, "Uncle Sam."

Please tell me you’re drunk…

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Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on selkies?

Don’t steal their skin and they’re basically harmless.

I’ve a journal entry about them if you want more info, but basically all the stories about them involve some poor sap doing something to piss them off and then being surprised when they get their face clawed off.

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zell-dincht asked: Son of a bitch... Is Jo missing now too?

I tried to get a hold of her and didn’t get an answer, so … yeah maybe. We kinda jumped to conclusions with Bobby, but I’m still worried.

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever run across a Makuragaeshi before?

No, and I had to look that one up since… well since Bobby isn’t readily available to help.

Apparently in Japanese folklore, these guys are pranksters who are known for moving pillows around after they’ve put people to sleep sandman style. Sounds kinda harmless to me, like a bored spirit who just thinks your pillow belongs elsewhere.

Can’t find any way to kill or otherwise get rid of them, so I guess you’ll just have to make due without your pillow until it gets bored and goes away on its own?